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15MAY in Sandpoint
by posted 05/08/2021

Good Morning Falcon Families!

I wanted to shoot out a quick note to let everyone know we have been invited to play in Sandpoint next Saturday. I think it is a great opportunity, but I need feedback today from anyone who would NOT be able to make it. We are trying to see if we will have enough players to make it happen. Ideally, we will play a couple games, one of which might be a "sticks in" where we mix up the teams for something different. If you cannot make it, please let me know today! Thank you and sorry for the quick turnaround!

~Coach Ryan

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Team Photos
by posted 05/06/2021

Good Morning Falcon Families! Just a quick reminder that today will be team photos. Please ensure players have all gear and game jerseys/shorts with them. Players received the order forms on Tuesday. Please have them to Lake City High School by 5pm. After photos, we will be having a "sticks-in" scrimmage with the 7/8 Falcons. This style of scrimmage is where both teams are combined and then split up into two teams. Let me know if there are any questions!

~Coach Ryan

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Sandpoint Tournament Wrap-Up
by posted 05/02/2021

Good evening Falcon families!

I want to start with a HUGE shoutout and thank you to the Rogers Family for providing a table with snacks and drinks for the players this weekend, and everyone else who contributed! This was an awesome help, especially with such a quick turnaround between games!

I also wanted to take a few minutes to share some of my thoughts and feedback at this point in the season. Our players fought really hard this weekend and gave some great effort. Especially today, with so many players absent. One big observation I would like to share. I have been involved in coaching youth teams in various sports now for about 15 years. We have, hands down, the best group of players in terms of their interactions with each other that I have ever seen. I just would like to emphasize how blessed we are as a group, to have players who all support each other and get along as great as they do. I would also like to offer my sincere thanks for the incredible support we get, as coaches, from all of you every single season. We are fortunate to have such great families that believe in our team!

Lastly, some thoughts on where the team is. For better or worse, I have never been one to emphasize winning or the score. I believe it is far more important to show friendship/sportsmanship and develop a love for the game. I bring this up, because it is easy to see goals scored and use this as a metric for the team. Our players have shown some tremendous growth this season. We have players who are in their first year, schooling players on other teams who have played for several years. We also have returning players who continue to develop confidence and step forward to show great leadership on the field. Please continue to encourage players, at home, to work cradling, passing and catching. It is easy to not see the growth when focused on day to day, but see it when stepping back. While officiating the 3/4 game last week, it really drove home for me just how far we have come from the days of 3/4 which was only the season prior to this one! In close, please continue to encourage your players and let them know how great they are doing!



~Coach Ryan

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Sandpoint Day 2
by posted 05/01/2021

The brackets are not posted yet for tomorrow, but based on our ranking, we should be playing the 2 seed at 9am on the same field. Please have players there at 8am. Thank you! -Coach Ryan

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Sandpoint Tournament
by posted 04/30/2021

Good afternoon Falcon families! Just a quick reminder that we will need players at field tomorrow by 9am for our first game that will be at 10am. The games will be on Field 3 at Centennial Park. Please ensure players have all of their gear and also have water. It will be a fast-paced day, all 3 games will essentially be back to back. Please make sure to bring some food also, as we do not have time to break away anywhere to eat between the games. Thank you, and as always, let me know if there are questions!

~Coach Ryan

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Tuesday game against Sandpoint
by posted 04/27/2021

Apologies to everyone for last minute notice. We will have normal practice tonight, our game has been cancelled due to one of our referee's becoming sick. Let me know if there are questions/issues.

~Coach Ryan

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Regular Season Practice
by posted 04/05/2021

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter and Spring Break! Today we will begin our regular practice schedule. This will take place at Woodland Middle School on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm - 7pm. Today we will begin practice at 5:30 just to transition to the new location and schedule. A couple of admin notes...we expect to be adding in some regular season games on Thursdays and/or Saturdays with teams from the Spokane area. These will most likely rotate between CDA area and Spokane Valley. More to follow on this as we hammer out details with their leadership. Additionally, the Spokane LAXFest will take place at the end of May now from the 29th to 30th. Our first tournament is only a couple weeks away, please make sure players are working on skills at home and if you have not made hotel reservations, sooner is better! Be prepared for our first game in Kalispell to be at 8am on Saturday and final game at 1pm on Sunday. We will be doing a team meeting during practice in the next week or so, time/date to follow. It is very important we have one representative from each player at this meeting! Finally, we could really use a "Team Mom" to help with some of the coordination stuff if we have any volunteers! Thank you to everyone for your support and most importantly, supporting the development of your kids! As always, please call/text or email if you have any questions or concerns!

~Coach Ryan

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