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North Idaho Youth Lacrosse

Player Code of Conduct

In order to participate in North Idaho Youth Lacrosse, I pledge to:

  • Honor the game by showing respect for all teammates, coaches and referees. 

  • Honor the game by learning and upholding the rules of lacrosse. 

  • Honor the game by adhering to the highest standards of sportsmanship, 
ethical conduct and fair play. 

  • Honor the game by winning with grace and losing with dignity. 
In order to participate in North Idaho Youth Lacrosse activities, I pledge NOT to: 

  • Dishonor the game by using profanity at practice or games. 

  • Dishonor the game by criticizing opposing coaches, players or officials. 

  • Dishonor the game by fighting or threatening an opposing player, coach or 
game official.
I __________________ (athlete’s name), have read and understand the NIYL player code of conduct. I understand that I will be held accountable to this code of conduct and I will do everything in my power to abide by the rules of NIYL. I further acknowledge that should I violate the code of conduct and my actions result in personal injury to others or damage to property I and my parents/guardian shall be responsible for any and all costs that may arise from such action. 

  • Printed Name of Athlete 
  • Signature of Athlete
  • Printed Name of Parent / Guardian______________________________________________
  • Signature of Parent / Guardian _____________________________Date________________

Any player who wishes to participate in the NIYL must sign this contract. A parent(s) or guardian must sign a player’s form. The signature indicates that the person has read and agrees to this Code of Conduct and knows that the consequences of violating one of these rules may include ejection from the event.