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The 2021 CDA SHOOTOUT is finally upon us.

See links below for tourney machine schedules, tournament rules, and site map.

Tourney machine link:

  Coming soon!!

Tournament Rules:


All games shall comply with 2021 USL Youth Rules for the respective age category 10U(3/4); 12U(5/6); 14U(7/8). Exceptions and addendums listed below.

A single centrally located horn at the information booth will start and end each half.  The horn will also sound (double blast) to provide a 2-minute warning.

Teams will play 3 games, If game is tied at the end of the 2nd half a 2 minute sudden victory will be played.  Sudden Victory will consist of 3 v 3 including goalie and no substitutions.  There are no time outs and game will end at the end of 2 minutes.  If no team scored game will end in tie.

  • All disputes from the field or about the tournament will be decided by the tournament director.


  • Play will consist of (2) 22-minute running clock halves with a 5 minute halftime


  • Each team is entitled to (1) timeout per game, no timeouts will be awarded during

the last (2) minutes of the game, penalty time will stop during timeouts.


  • Each team is required to provide one volunteer to staff the score table.


  • Penalties will be timed at 1 ½ time for the running clock.


  • NO one handed checks at any age division.


  • Any player, coach, or fan ejected from a game for a flagrant unsportsmanlike or flagrant misconduct fouls. (see appendix I Ejections in USL rulebook) will not be allowed at any games for the duration of the Jamboree

3rd/4th Grade specific rule adjustments:

  • 7 v 7 with Goalie
  • Time serving penalties for personal fouls, No man down during penalties, slow whistle technique shall be used.
  • Offsides enforced: No time serving penalties for offsides, enforce with change of possession or stop and restart play once offsides is corrected.
  • Hot Pass Rule: (1) attempted pass must be made on the offensive side of play prior to shooting the ball.
  • All substitutions will take place during dead balls, “on the fly” substitutions will be allowed as long as it does not result in too many players on the field at one time.
  • No raking.
  • Scrum rule will be a 4 second count, starting with the 4th player in.
  • Checking: Per standard US Lacrosse rules.
  • No long poles allowed in the 3rd/4th grade division.


Event Map: