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Attendance and participation expectations!!

NIYL is a “Recreational” league that will compete and play in some competitive tournaments against some “select” teams. Our goal is to field teams that can compete at these levels while still offering ALL players a good lacrosse experience regardless of skill or experience.

To accomplish this goal, play time will be judged with as much if not more focus on attendance, good attitude, and hard work during practices and games than it will on skill and experience alone.

Our practice schedule will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during March then Monday/Tuesday/Thursday beginning in April. Practice times will be 5:30-7:00.
Our projected Game schedule will be 4/18-4/19; 4/25-4/26; 5/9; 5/16-5/17; and 5/30-5/31. Please verify that you won’t have any conflicts with these dates and please communicate as soon as possible if something comes up.

Practice Expectations:
1) All players are expected to attend and participate in all practices with full effort.
2) Players are expected to be at the field, ready to begin practicing at 5:30.
3) All players are expected to work on their skill outside of practice times. We will drill basics at all practices but players need to be able to consistently and accurately throw and catch the ball.
4) If a player is injured (short-term) player is still expected to attend practice (if medically ok) as we see value in learning even if not participating.

Failure to adhere to these expectations can result in the reduction of playing time during games.

We understand that unique situations will arise, communication is essential to player and team success.